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The First Western Rite Celebration in this Archdiocese

12th March is the Feast Day of St Gregory the Great, the Dialogist and Pope of Rome (604). By an act of providence and as blessed by our bishop, Sayedna Silouan, the tireless work of the parish priest of St Dunstan parish in Poole, Fr Chrysostom MacDonnell, has born fruit in the first celebration of the Liturgy of St Gregory the Great, the old Roman ORTHODOX (pre-Schism) Rite of these Isles. That this celebration should have happened on the feast day of St Gregory is highly significant. It shows that the Orthodox Church can embrace once more the hallowed rites of the Orthodox Christian west. We must now pray and see how the Holy Spirit takes this little seed and, over time, allows it to bloom. For some, maybe just a few at the start, this recovery of the Orthodox western tradition will be an important step in the rec-Christianisation of the west. Let us pray so.

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