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Those adults beginning to explore Orthodox Christianity or those who be ready for instruction in the faith are encouraged to read this article.


The Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church are full of references to the right use of wealth and how the abuse or neglect of wealth and poverty can harm all of us spiritually as persons and the Church as a Christian society. This article explores all these issues.


We all know that faith is central to Christian living.  How personal faith relates to the faith of the Church is a sometimes neglected question.  This article explores the relationship between the two in the light of Scripture and the Tradition of the Church.

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Primacy and the Papacy

Primacy in the Church in the teaching of the Orthodox Church does not involve universal jurisdiction, nor is it vested in one historic see alone. This article explains the issues in detail. Arguably the Papacy of Old Rome is one of the most difficult issues that continues to divide Christians outside of that historic see.


Advances in medical technology have benefitted humanity enormously over the last two hundred years or more.  However, in recent times all sorts of difficult moral and spiritual issues have been raised by some of these technologies.  Read on to discover how the Orthodox Church handles these questions.


Many people suppose that there is a conflict between how science views the universe and life and how Christians view the same.  This article by Archpriest Gregory Hallam argues otherwise and with a focus on God as Creator.


Christ stilled the storm for the sake of the safety of His disciples.  Can we expect the same when faced with the trials and tribulations of this life?  Read on to discover some key teachings on this theme from Scripture and the Tradition of the Church.

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In most Protestant traditions, the Bible alone has authority for Christians in the Church.  Although the Orthodox Church holds the Scriptures in the highest esteem, they are not the only authoritative source in our Tradition.  This article explains how that works and contrasts it with the Protestant view.

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Women have rightfully gained their place in equality of opportunity and rights with men.  Some have gone on to claim that this should expand the Church's teaching on God the Father to be more inclusive of female imagery and also to ordain women to the priesthood.  This article explores these questions and explains why the Orthodox Church cannot support these proposals for Church life.

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The Orthodox Church regards sacramental confession as an indispensable part of the call to repentance.  Even in Orthodoxy there are some places where regular confession is either in decline or spiritually has lost its way through inadequate teaching and practice.  How then can we recover confession? Hopefully this article will clarify some solutions.

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