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Sayedna's Visit to St Constantine the Great, York on 13th to 14th January 2024

Updated: Feb 16

Sayedna visited our parish in York on the weekend of 13th-14th January. The visit began on Saturday evening with the service of vespers. It was well attended and afterwards a light supper was served at the rear of the chapel. During the meal Sayedna spoke about liturgical and pastoral matters. Individual parishioners also took the opportunity to ask his advice on personal matters.

On Sunday morning we served Matins at 9:30, with Sayedna on his throne. This was followed by Divine Liturgy where Sayedna was the Protos. He preached on the importance of Repentance in the Christian life and his words of advice and consolation were greatly appreciated by all present.

Between the two services he ordained Thomas Small to be a Reader and Peter Comley and Christopher Bennigsen to be Sub-deacons.

After the services we had a delicious parish lunch, prepared by members of the congregation, in a room in York St. John University. As on the previous evening, parishioners were able to join Sayedna at his table for personal conversation. This possibility of speaking directly with their bishop was welcomed by everyone.

Sayedna departed mid-afternoon after giving his blessing, leaving everyone very happy with such a joyful occasion for the parish.

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