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Pascha in the Parishes

In Pascha we celebrate the Victory over death and promise of the eternal life in Christ our God and Saviour. But, without the continuous mission of the Church in every corner of the world that historic Victory would be to no avail to humankind. In this context, it is very reassuring and inspiring to look through the photos of Paschal celebration across the parishes of our Archdiocese. No matter the place, the size, the ethnical, national, and cultural background of the parishes, everywhere one can see the churches full of people, coming together to receive “light from the Light” on that special Day of Days and glorify our Resurrected Lord “with one mouth and one heart”. The stories from the parishes testify to the fact that Fathers and the faithful of this God-protected Archdiocese firmly believe in the Resurrection of Christ. Let us bring this joyful message of the Resurrection to more people in the British Isles and Ireland! May our churches be even more full next Pascha and every Sunday of the year! Christ is Risen!

Please find photos from some of our parishes below. If you do not find your parish on the photos, with the blessing of your parish priest, please send a photo or two to be featured here to this email

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