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Pascha in Poole

On the night of the Great and Holy Pascha, His Eminence, Metropolitan Silouan, visited the parish of St Dunstan in Poole to celebrate the Feast of Feasts with the fathers and the faithful of this community. Sayedna Silouan presided at the Resurrectional Service, Paschal Orthros and Divine Liturgy. Concelebrating with His Eminence, were parish priests Fr Chrysostom, Fr Filip, and two deacons: Fr Sebastian and Fr Dmitry. 

The church was full of the faithful and lit up with hundreds of paschal lights at the beginning of the service in celebration of our Resurrected Lord. In the homily, Metropolitan Silouan, wished to all the faithful that they acquire the Light of Christ in their souls and bodies, by following His commandments and participating in the Sacraments of the Church. He wished the fathers and members of the community a happy Pascha!

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