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Sayedna Silouan visits St Michael the Archangel with Holy Resurrection, Dresden

Julie Jones writes: His Eminence Sayedna Silouan visited our parish, St. Michael the Archangel in Dresden, on the weekend of the 14th/15th January. We were delighted to welcome Sayedna on Saturday 14th January, and after Great Vespers in the evening, he served the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 15th January and preached on the parable of the ten lepers.

Sayedna spoke about the importance of regularly attending Church to praise and thank God, to acknowledge our sins and come to confession - giving those sins to God, and then we are healed. Sayedna also spoke about the importance of our salvation and coming to Church to receive Holy Communion, to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ within us.

“Having faith is very important in our new life in Christ, we are all like one of the ten lepers who came back and gave thanks to God – do not worry, but do it with faith”.

Following the Liturgy, we all spent some time together enjoying a bring and share Feast in the Scout Hall, after which Sayedna gave everybody a blessing before he left.

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