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My Experience of E-Quip

At first glance, the mountain of material contained in E-Quip can seem daunting. The scope of topics, theology, history, teaching, insight, and practical advice can appear to be overwhelming and simply too much to tackle.

However, as with all “mountains”, they can be climbed quite simply – one step at a time. With this mindset, E-Quip becomes an extremely practical and, perhaps, even an essential part of our Orthodox life. Knowledge and understanding are vital parts of our deepening Orthodox life. If we bring commitment and effort, will we climb higher.

The range of topics covered are wider and more demanding than we might meet in the Sunday homily – important as these are. The origins of our Christian faith are explored – where our understanding of God springs from, the way this understanding was clarified, the implications it compels us to face, all leading, by the grace of God, to a deeper, richer, more loving, more Christ-like, life.

Our shared Orthodox life in the early 21st Century did not appear from a vacuum. E-Quip is an excellent way to explore and understand the roots of every aspect of Orthodoxy – the wellsprings of our Faith, how the Liturgy came to be as we experience it, the rise and development of monasticism, the writings of the Fathers, why the Councils were battlegrounds and not dull administrative meetings, essential doctrine, and how we integrate all of this rich heritage into our lives here and now.

Speaking personally, I’ve benefited from E-Quip as a resource for catechesis, and through the lectures Fr Gregory has started. Its strength as a resource lies in its flexibility – you can look at specific subjects and/or sit back and absorb all of this teaching as the lectures unfold. The format is challenging in its depth but remains accessible to all. The opportunity to listen to the lectures and be able to review the topics online enables all to gain a firm grip on even the most “difficult” subjects.

All those who have contributed to E-Quip deserve our thanks and, I have no doubt, the thanks of future generations of Orthodox believers across the globe.

David Green is a Churchwarden, Trustee, Treasurer and Property Manager at St Aidan of Lindisfarne Orthodox parish in Levenshulme, Manchester.

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